Here we go…

Welcome to Adventures in Automotive Nerdery!

I’ve started this site as an outlet for my obsession with the quirkier, funkier, nerdier side of the car world. If, like me, you’re charmed by unearned pretenses of sportiness, luxury, or style; you live for the pleasures of driving a slow car fast; you have an appreciation for cars as products of people, place, and time; you have a soft spot for the ridiculous (like a Volvo station wagon with a spoiler), the unloved, the misunderstood, the forgotten, and the timeless classics – I’m glad you’re on these adventures with me.

The bread and butter of the site will fall into four categories:

  • Classic Comparisons will finally, once and for all answer the question: Chevy or Ford? Hahahahahaha, no, I’m not dumb enough to wade into that one! But, it will be a chance to pit classic rivals head-to-head and see how they hold up, compare their merits, and marvel at the awesome choices we car nerds get to make.
  • Never Drive Your Heroes will see me taking turns behind the wheels of the many, many cars that I have, for often completely inscrutable reasons, decided I must experience before I die.
  • Was It Really That Bad? will take a second look at those cars that were dismissed when new, or have achieved mythical status as flaming piles of crap in their afterlife; will they fail to meet even my indulgent standards, or have they met the fate they deserved?
  • And, Ramblings will collect whatever jewels of wisdom, or turds of uninformed drivel, as may flit through my little mind along these adventures.

You can get involved, too! Enter your e-mail at the bottom of any page on the site to subscribe, talk back at me in the comments, like us on Facebook, yadda, yadda, yadda, and, most importantly, check out the Dream Garage – you can help make it all happen by hooking me up with awesome cars to write about.

Let’s hit the road!


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