Somebody at Aston Martin has a thing for Saturns

From Car and Driver‘s recent review of Aston Martin’s (stunning) new DB11 (emphasis added):

The DB11 is long, low, and extravagantly wide, as was its slippery predecessor, the DB9. But it gets a little more technical with LED light blades, a few beveled edges, and the “roof strake,” a flashy bit of armor that arches over the cockpit and sacrilegiously cleaves the steeply raked C-pillar, an Aston trademark.

The strake’s mechanical purpose is to frame the AeroBlades, air ducts hidden in the rear haunches that direct wind through the body, squeezing and twisting it before exhausting it out a vent in the trunklid to reduce drag at speed. It also has an aesthetic mission: It can be ordered anodized in black, or body color, or as polished aluminum, and it demarcates the DB11 from all previous Aston Martins.

From Car and Driver‘s January 2003 hit job road test of the Saturn Ion (ditto):

The assault begins with discordant and unharmonious styling that comes together as an orgy of chamfers, cutlines, Royal Gorge door gaps (plastic expands more than steel), and kit-car panel fits that utterly offend the editorial eye. The gap between the hood and grille header panel could pass for a ram air scoop. The leading edge of each front fender comes to a pants-snagging point sharp enough to pick your teeth with. The A-pillar, roof-rail, and C-pillar trim panels can be ordered in varying colors and styles – colorblind folks are even allowed to select silver on gold – but they look tacked on, overflush, and by design they do not align with other character lines and the hood and trunk shut-lines.

Or carbon fiber, perhaps?

Or carbon fiber, perhaps?

I know I once saw an Ion with leopard-print roof rails but, alas, the Internet has apparently not seen such a beast. The Aston would sure look swank in a tasteful animal print, dontcha think?

Lovely that this overlooked gem from GM’s darkest pre-bankruptcy days is finally getting its due.


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