Editor’s Note

Greetings friends,

If you’ve been a subscriber or a regular reader (my deepest gratitude to both of you!), you may have noticed a distinct lack of new content around these parts lately.

I’ll be frank with you: I have a lot of excuses for this.

This site was an idea that had been floating around in my head for a long time, but I launched it without having done a ton of, you know, work to make sure I had a content pipeline ready to go; I rationalized this by telling myself that the urgent need of creating content for a live site would be all the motivation I would need. In actuality, it stressed me into a state of whimpering paralysis.

I’ve also been sick more or less constantly for the last month and a half. And I launched this project just as my “real” job hit the busiest it’s ever been. (I can strike fear into the hearts of anyone who’s ever worked in education with just one word: accreditation. Yup, I’m running that show.)

And on and on and on.

But all of those are just excuses. If all of the above makes it sound like I’m shuttin’ her down, well… I am. Temporarily! I promise I’ll be back. I’m shooting for early February.

That will be in a brand new year, so before I go, here are my New Year’s Resolutions for you:

  1. Between now and the next time we meet, I’ll be working my little tail off, and not just on accreditation. (The site visit’s in January. I’m gonna make it! I’ll be so fresh in February!) I promise I’ll be building up an honest-to-god content pipeline with plenty of cool stuff.
  2. When I come back, things will be regular around here, goldurnit! There will be new content on a calendar you can plan your trips to the bathroom around – multiple times a week. (Please use the bathroom daily. Don’t wait on me.)
  3. I’ll probably freshen up the look a bit before I come back. With the hindsight of experience, I might reshuffle how some content is structured and presented to make things a bit more dynamic, too.

In the meantime, friends, let’s stay in touch on social media. I’ll continue to post daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep sending me your tips from the Dream Garage, too. And, as my parting gift to keep you thinking of me until we meet again, enjoy this lineup of BMW E3 sedans so perfect it makes me want to vomit.

Thanks to Luis A. for letting me repost his video!

Your pal,



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