We’re back!

Hello, friends! It’s good to be back!

Since we last met, as promised, I’ve made some changes to the site. Most obviously, you’ll notice new fonts, chosen for improved readability. (Please let me know in the comments if I’ve failed to meet this goal.) There are also new article categories and, as promised, a schedule for when you’ll see new content:

  • Mondays look for me to get Behind the Wheel, taking a spin in whatever cars were available to me at the last minute catch my fancy.
  • Wednesdays listen to me whine From the Back Seat about stuff that no one should have such strong opinions about, but somehow I do.
  • Fridays I’ll be sharing Junk in the Trunk from the personal collection of automobilia that makes living in my house such an adventure.

Housekeeping notices like this are filed Under the Hood on an as-needed basis, and look for a few other surprise additions to the regular schedule here and there.

If you’ve filled out the little “Subscribe” field at the bottom of this or any other page on the site (it’s really fun! You should!), I’m working on transferring to a system that will send one digest e-mail per week rather than an e-mail every time I post, so look forward to that by next week or so.

And finally, to show how much I’ve missed you: dancing Saabs!


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