At night, the Prius reveals its true feelings

The word has come down, from Toyota Motor Corporation president Akio Toyoda, that Toyotas must now reflect enthusiasm and inspire passion. So far, the company seems to be adapting to this new edict by embracing, shall we say…”expressive”…styling. Fittingly, given its status as an image leader within the company’s lineup, no new Toyota is more expressive than the Prius. But what is it, exactly, that the Prius is trying to express?

At night, the answer becomes clear: abject terror.

“The Scream” Credit:

This is the horrified visage of a car that isn’t just ugly, but one that knows it’s ugly, knows just how ugly it is, and must wait until nightfall to release its anguish to the world. Weep for the Prius, and for the burden with which it must live.



  • stickyshifter

    Thank goodness someone else agrees! It is THE ugliest car out there, it’s just so bad. SO BAD!
    Also, can we be real here? Since when do Toyotas ‘reflect enthusiasm’ and ‘inspire passion’? I
    drove one for years, a 1989 Toyota Camry. It did neither of those things, but perhaps it was
    before the directive was made clear.

    Toyotas have often represented the sigh of pragmatism – of putting off enthusiasm and passion
    for the sake of being responsible, vanilla, and tepid. If those Prius zig zag lights are Toyota’s
    way of trying to go for the gusto, good lord I fear for future iterations…

    March 8, 2017
  • Scott

    I see the newest Toyota billboards touting the design as “nerd chic” and “designed for California” in some feeble attempt to make these monstrosities more appealing. I literally cringe every time I see one on the road—-I mean, geez! dont you have any pride in your vehicle at all??

    March 8, 2017