I made a thing, and you can buy it

If you’re not already deeply in debt to aware of Blipshift, you should be. Each day, five days a week, they bring out a new T-shirt with an awesome automotive or motorcycle-themed design, submitted or suggested by automotive artists and enthusiasts of all stripes, and it’s seriously hard not to buy every single one. Today’s the day to give in to your itchy trigger finger, my friends, for today sees the debut of the very first Automotive Nerdery submission to the Blipshift pantheon!

My design, featuring an Inka orange BMW E3 in its natural Bavarian habitat, can adorn your chestal region in your choice of men’s short or long sleeve, women’s tee or tank, youth tee, or hoodie styles, all eminently reasonably priced. It’s also available as a poster print so you can put it on your wall and not have to look at it upside down on your torso. Act fast, though—after this weekend, it goes into the garage and who knows when or if it will come back out.

Full disclosure, I do get a small cut of all sales. So, you know, buy early and often! Tell your friends! They make great gifts!


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