Mea Culpa [UPDATED]

It’s Friday, so there was supposed to be a Junk in the Trunk installment this morning. I’m not out of material already for this feature (if you visited my house, you’d realize that I may never be out of material)—but I’ve been stuck under my car for the last several weeks, and some intensive wrenching over the past couple of days led to a dereliction of other duties.

In case you’re curious, I’ve been attempting to rebuild the shifter in my ’73 BMW Bavaria but, as these things tend to do, that one task has snowballed to include several others and swiftly mounting costs, negating the “savings” of doing it myself.

Looks like new motor mounts are next on the agenda. I also replaced the infamous guibo (driveshaft flex disc to the BMW-uninitiated) while I was in there. I guess it needed it.

At this point the motor mounts are “all that’s left.” I “should be done” “this weekend.”

Uh huh, sure.

UPDATE 4/4/17: I was done over the weekend! And it prevented me from posting on Monday, too! But my car is running so I don’t even care!

I did in fact replace the motor mounts—without the aid of an engine hoist, a fools’ errand if ever there was one. I finally got the engine to align with the new mounts by laying my torso on the top of the front fender, bracing my feet on the garage wall so I was completely horizontal, and pushing and pulling the engine from side to side using only my brute strength until it plopped into place.

I do not recommend this technique.

This is not the whole story, but suffice it to say that I am pleased to be back on the road, and regular programming will resume tomorrow.


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