Cars are the one area in which dogs are better than cats

But not by much.

If the internet has unequivocally solved a single one of the world’s intractable problems, it has been proving once and for all that cats are superior to dogs. They are weirder, more curious, more hilarious, and cuter. The internet has shattered the misconception of cats’ indifference to us! Dogs, the internet has confirmed, are mostly just dumb and gross.

As it is especially wont to do, the internet echo chamber has confirmed my own feelings on this matter. I have two roommates of the feline persuasion, and I can aver that they are fastidiously clean, self-reliant, and quiet lodgers. They are also, contrary to popular perception, social, empathetic, and highly companionable creatures. The only thing that dogs do that my cats can’t is leave their shit everywhere.

Well, that, and be good driving companions. I will concede that dogs are better than cats when it comes to cars.

Dogs seem to get the sense of freedom and excitement that cars represent. Cats require familiarity and consistency in their surroundings, so to them, a car is merely a terrifying portal to the unknown. Whenever I’ve had to take my cats somewhere in the car, it’s been a nonstop fusillade of fretful worrying and crying. Dogs, being less attuned to—or maybe just less concerned about—their environment, can hop in and enjoy the sensation of speed and the rush of wind through their ears, blissfully unconcerned with where they’re being taken.

That said, cars that regularly ferry dogs are my least favorite to ride in. The smell, the smudged and smeared windows, the sense that the hair all over the upholstery is permeating your clothes and skin and dousing you in dog—it all grosses me out. Plus, when I’ve driven my cats in the past, they’ve been enclosed in carrier boxes; cats do like confined spaces, but not being confined without an escape route.

Maybe the problem is that cats haven’t been given the same freedom to enjoy cars as dogs have! Surely a cat allowed to roam the car’s interior would thrill to the sights and sounds of passing cars, flashing lights, and rushing wind! Maybe next time, I’ll leave the carrier at home and see if the cats don’t get a rush from sticking their heads out the window!

Or maybe not.

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