Thanks for checking out Adventures in Automotive Nerdery!

If you found our postcard tucked under your windshield wiper (sorry about that, but it’s meant as a compliment!), we’d love to see your car right here. But before we get to second base, as it were, let’s get to know each other, shall we?

A great place to start is this post, which tells a little bit about what the site’s all about.

Next, you can check out a little biographical information about Nathan, the site’s Nerd-in-Chief, if you need assurance that we’re not just an elaborate front for some kind of oddball swindle.

We welcome you to peruse our previous posts to get a feel for what the finished product might be like. We’re new, so there’s not a lot yet, but hopefully you’ll get the idea – and be interested in helping us grow!

Our process is simple: it usually involves meeting up with Nathan, and maybe another gearhead or two with their cars; spending a couple of hours kicking tires, taking a spin (including letting us drive a bit if you’re okay with it), talking about your pride and joy, and taking pictures; and then being cool with us heaping praise on your car in our awkward fashion for the world to see. Lest you think your car isn’t worthy of internet infamy, rest assured, we’re into the funky and a little patina is no problem – we’re all about attainable dreams here, not perfection.

Interested? Got questions? Drop us a line in the form below. (Please be sure to mention which car is yours.)