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Don’t Get Stung: Two-for-one 1976 and 1977 Lancia Scorpions

Here’s a two-for-one restoration project for the truly adventurous soul. The asking price for this nest of Scorpions, seen here on eBay out of Houston, Texas, is just $3,750, but the outlay to make a single driver—much less a Concours-ready car—out of this pair will likely end up being many times higher. Nevertheless, the Lancia Scorpion is interesting and rare, and I hope they find a buyer willing to take the plunge. [more…]




Sweetheart Survivor: 1963 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Club Coupe

Long maligned, it looks like Chevy’s quirky Corvair is starting to get its due in the collector car market. Claimed to be a one-owner car in an ad that is otherwise light on details, this ’63 Corvair Monza coupe, offered on eBay in San Antonio, Texas, looks like an appealing entry-level classic cruiser. There’s a reserve above and beyond the $4,000 starting bid, which must be a sign that values are picking up, because four grand sounds about right to me for the honest, unrestored survivor this car appears to be. [more…]



Pampered Poncho: 36K-mile 1975 Pontiac Catalina Safari

Station wagons usually live a rough life, covering lots of miles and hauling lots of cargo—and often a bunch of unruly kids, too. This low-mileage ’75 Pontiac Catalina Safari wagon has clearly had an easier go of it, meaning it’s probably one of the nicest surviving examples of GM’s clever (and massive) mid-70s “clamshell” wagons left. It’s available on eBay from a seller in Lakeland, Florida, with tons of great pictures and a starting bid of $12,500. A hefty price for a malaise-era land yacht, and there’s still a reserve to be met, but let’s see if the condition merits the ask. [more…]


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I’m a born car nut and compulsive Craigslist crawler. I’ve been driving my own barn find since I was 17—I bought my ’65 Corvair in 2003 fresh out of 15 years of storage, with just 11,575 miles on the odometer. I was once (briefly) the curator of an automotive museum, and you’ll find that my writing about cars is infused with historical context, little-known details, and fun anecdotes. I welcome you to cruise around the rest of my site (proudly powered by WordPress!) and check out the rest of my automotive musings if you’d like to see more examples of my writing.



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